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Welcome at the Chair of Strategy!

At the chair, we focus on central and current topics in strategic management. Thus, any actions and decisions that contribute to sustainable commercial success are subject of our research and teaching. In particular, we examine how certain management practices influence companies’ performance with the help of empirical studies.

A characteristic feature of both our teaching and research is practical relevance. For example, we generally investigate very applied questions. Moreover, we cooperate with numerous firms from different industries (e.g. retail or headhunting).

In our quantitative and empirical research, we, for one, utilize field experiments to introduce new management practices in firms. Amongst others, we studied the causal effects of bonus schemes, enhanced manager communication and employee referral programs in previous projects.  In addition, we use different econometric methods to analyze field data. For instance, we explored the effects of downsizing in several studies.

In our teaching, we offer the courses “Strategic Management” and “Global Management Practices” as well as different seminars on selected issues in strategic management and organizational economics. To facilitate a practical discussion of the design, implementation and effects of management practices, we use our previous research projects as case studies. In addition, students may write their final thesis at our chair.