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Bachelor Thesis

We welcome your interest in writing your bachelor thesis at the Professorship of Strategy.


In order to be able to guarantee the theoretical background for your thesis, we recommend that you take the course "Corporate Development" (module no. 14253.0028) as well as the course "Human Resource Management" (module no. 14253.0032) within the profile group "Corporate Development"/"Strategy, Organization and Human Resources" and attend the course "Technique of Scientific Work" beforehand.

In addition, bachelor seminars will be offered to all students (obligatory for PO2015 students) starting in winter semester 2015/16, which are designed to prepare you specifically for the content requirements of a thesis. In this seminar you will write your first seminar paper in a small group and receive specific feedback on your performance. Thereby you can learn the most important requirements for a good scientific paper and gain your first experiences in this field, which you can apply when writing your bachelor thesis. 


Bachelor theses for both dates are assigned via KLIPS once per semester during the first phase of course registration. The normal deadlines in KLIPS apply. The start date for bachelor theses is fixed.


We generally prefer that candidates bring their own suggestions for a topic. Thesis topics can be diverse. We are also happy for students to present ideas for practice-oriented topics, particularly in cooperation with a company.


Following a successful application, a researcher from the chair will serve as your supervisor for the duration of the time allotted for completing your thesis. The thesis topic will be determined after consultation with your supervisor. After that, you will be asked to submit a binding registration to the examinations office.

Further information

The length of the main part of the bachelor thesis should be max. 25 pages. Including appendix and directories the number of pages may reach up to 50. We strongly recommend using our compulsory template. Furthermore we encourage you to write bachelor theses in English.

Please note that the deadline for registering Bachelor's theses with the Examinations Office is the end of January for the winter semester and the end of July for the summer semester.

Examination rules of the WiSo faculty can be found here: Prüfungs- und Studienordnungen